Cannot get Internet Explorer to play a video listed in

the "External Links, Videos, and Forms" links

One of the most common Internet Explorer video playback issues is cause by a compatability setting in internet explorer. This usually causes the player to display an error message and only diplay the player's frame, controls, and a black screen where the video should appear. To change this setting in Internet Explorer and resolve the issues it causes, simply follow the instructions below.


Press the Alt key once to bring up the Menu bar in Internet Explorer.


Now left click on tools and select Compatibility View Settings. This will open the Compatibility View Settings window.


In the Compatibility View Settings window, there is a "Display Intranet sites in compatibility View" check box. Click on the box, so that the check mark is no longer visible. Then click on the "Close" buttion.


If you are not already on the page with the video links then Return to that page and select the video that you wish to watch.